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Explore our selection of kid’s indoor shoes here in our shop – you will find the different sizes for both the youngest and eldest children.

Sustainable Indoor Shoes for Kids – Small Green Steps

Exploring the world must be a safe experience. Our kids’ slippers are made with an ecological and chrome-free insole and are hand-made in 100% biodegradable and chrome-free vegetable tanned leather. In this way, you protect your child from toxic chemicals, and you can safely let your child’s skin come into direct contact with the shoe.

When purchasing kids’ slippers from our collection you make an active choice. A choice of reducing chemicals as well as the impact it has on our environment. At Petit Nord we are working on sustainable and gentle production, taking part in ensuring our wonderful Earth in the future.

Scandinavian Design with High Comfort

Our indoor shoes for kids are elegant and strongly inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition with a focus on functionality and comfort – an indoor shoe with the perfect fit. The supportive heel cap encourages good balance, while the flexible and non-slip soles offers a great grip . The obvious shoe when the living room is transformed into a large playground or when the day goes by with lots of fun and good company in the kindergarten.

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