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The shoes are comfortable and have great support, allowing your child freedom of movement when conquering forests, nature trails and playgrounds. As an extra advantage, our kids’ sneakers are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials that both protect your child from toxic chemicals and take care of our fragile environment.

Explore our selection here in our shop – you will find the different sizes for both the youngest and eldest children.

Versatile Sneakers for Kids in Scandinavian Design

When you buy sneakers for kids from Petit Nord, you get a unique design inspired by the pure Scandinavian tradition – a cool and versatile shoe that can be used for every occasion. All materials are carefully selected to give your child maximum comfort avoiding scruff marks and pinched feet. The flexible soles and lightweight materials help give your child freedom to enjoy themselves.

Our children’s sneakers are made from vegetable tanned leather and the soles are made from 100% recycled TR rubber. In this way, you get a shoe that is manufactured with great consideration for both humans and nature – while protecting your special one from unnecessary and toxic chemicals.

Discover our kids’ sneakers and get inspired by our playful universe that exudes thoughtful design, great comfort and high quality. Our sneakers give your child the freedom to explore the big world on all occasions.

Explore our full range of our sneakers for every occasion on this site!

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